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Pete Conine

There are only a handful of classic automobile and scooter fanatics who can capture the spirit of motorcycling and
driving in a classic car. Lovers of hot rod and motorcycle art can now add Pete Conine to their list, who also
manages to not only apply his motorcycling heart to the canvas, but his deep love for classic hot rods.
Pete began drawing at the young age of four with child-like subjects of: monsters, airplanes, cars, and motorcycles.
Growing up on the beaches of Southern California: surfing, motorcycles, and hot rods, were a big influence in his life.
Pete’s first life-changing experience was in 1967 when he flamed his classic 1940 Ford pickup. Pete, then knew that
this was the only way he truly wanted to make a living. Pete’s other remarkable experience was going to a friend’s
dad’s body shop where he would paint and pinstripe, with his natural ability, all the other “cool” kid’s, low riders and hotrods.
Another unforgetable event for Pete was going to Bellflower and watching Kenny Youngblood airbrush and pinstripe the funny cars
and dragsters. As time flew by, his friends would go on doing other things and Pete
was captured by his ability to let the paint flow through his head and hands right onto the canvas.
In the early ‘70’s, Pete and his family moved to Northern California where he was bewildered by the loss of his
beloved motorcycles and hot rods. Here he found farming and cowboys driving four-wheel drive trucks. Pete then attended
some college art classes, but soon realized that he needed more money to survive. Only then, did Pete go on to manage a steel
shop while dabbling on the side pinstriping boats, cars, and motorcycles.
Pete continued to follow the craft the way many of us followed bikes and hot-rods, like addicts shunning the
"normal" way of life: by not getting married, settling down, and having a family, even though loving and riding motorcycles
and hot-rods can be dangerous and impractical, Pete kept at it. For this, he found to be his solace, his one true love.
In 2003, after many long, dedicated years, the company Pete worked for was taken over and Pete found his
managerial job to be “restructured”. Finally, here was Pete’s chance to do what he really wanted to do, become a
published artist! To be recognized for his natural ability and to bring to life on canvas the hot rods and motorcycles
that others owned and loved.
Pete’s work reflects his obsession with hot rods and motorcycle illustration: as an artist, hot-rodder, and
motorcyclist. Pete’s work has been displayed in the MGM Casino, appeared in several different issues of Thunder
Roads and, recently in Lowrider magazine, which featured the centerfold “Flame of Freedom” showing Pete’s
detailed accent pinstriping.
Although, his artwork has been described as near photogenic, Pete prefers to see it as a blend of realism, and
surrealism, along with a bit of impressionism thrown in. His artwork is mainly done using acrylics. Approximately
60 percent is done with an airbrush and 40 percent with a paintbrush. Pete’s attention to detail makes for crystal
clear images brought to life with vivid color- a real treat for the eye.

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